DeKalb Ultimate Weekly Schedule : 6/20 – 7/6










6:00pm – Sunday Pickup in Sycamore @ South Prairie Elementary School


DeKalb Ultimate Field-Trip Pickup! Schaumberg’s Busse Woods [4th of July!]

Bobby and Michael are more than likely going to head out to Busse Woods in Schaumberg to play some Ultimate and eat some food for the first half of the day.

EVERYONE is welcome to join us! We can be back as early as 3:00pm, maybe even earlier if people really need to.

Feel free to ask questions below.

Event Information:


Hey hey everyone!!! It’s getting to be that time of the year!!

Come one, come all to celebrate America in all its glory by playing some ultimate and eating a bunch of food while hanging out with friends and family on Friday July 4. It’s another rare chance to get away from work and play ultimate on a day you’d normally have to send out some TPS reports or count your flair!!!

Bring cleats, extra clothes in dark and white, chairs, umbrellas, pets and any games you may want to play outside of just playing ultimate. People have brought KanJam and wickets before so there’s always something for you to do. We average 50-70 members for these awesome events so you’re sure to run into old friends and potentially make some new ones. You can show up whenever you want and leave whenever you want. You can just play, just eat, just drink, or do any combination of the three.
As usual, the festivities will kick off at 10am and go on until we get kicked off the fields/voluntarily leave because we’re suffering from heat stroke. We’ll play until about noon, take a break to grill out and eat some great food and then continue playing until about 5-6pm.

We’ve gotten up to 3 games going at one time before so there’s never a shortage of playing time for you!
We prefer to collaborate for the event asking everyone to bring a few items. Bring a package of hamburgers, or a few bags of chips, some homemade cookies, or whatever you want. Don’t feel like dealing with that and still wanna eat? We ask you donate $5 and we use the monies to run to the store and buy a few additional items as well as to cover the permit costs just because we don’t want to get ticketed again for being rebels. Not eating? Don’t worry about a thing but still feel free to munch.
We’ll send out updates leading up to the day if there are any changes so please look out for any emails from us in the near future.

Bring your own drinks, water, and alcohol.


As always, everyone is welcome. Bring the family, the kids, the puppies, and friends.

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